Sanko – Attachments for the demanding!

Since many years, our machinery meets the needs of those most demanding customers. We are a company with over a dozen years of experience, specializing in importing japanese mini-tractors. We have a wide variety of attachments for gardens, fields, orchards, meadows and many other applications.

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Mon. – Fr. 8.00 – 16.00
Sat: 8.00 – 14.00

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Why is it worth, to work with us?

Many years of experience with sales and manufacturing helps us getting the individual approach and solutions, most customers need.

We work each day to develop our products further.

Designing and manufacturing machines on our own helps us with offering the best price and to take care about the customers after selling the machine.

We have our own, fully professional warranty service, we employ many qualified mechanics, that can deal with every problem.

All our machines have CE certificate, and comply to all the safety norms needed.

We can transport to anywhere in Europe.

Please also check our our renewable energy sources:
and japanese engines: