Bale Forks for 3 point hitch


Bale forks for strow or hay bales

We present our excellent bale forks, an essential and effective tool for transporting straw, hay bales, or other agricultural materials. After the harvest, collecting a few hay or straw bales can be manageable by hand. However, when dealing with a large quantity of bales, it’s worth considering professional equipment. Our bale forks with a load capacity of 500 kg will significantly speed up the collection process, saving both time and effort.


  • Mounting for CAT I and CAT II three-point hitches (TUZ)
  • Sturdy teeth reinforced with conical bushings to prevent them from rotating during operation
  • Designed for both round and square hay bales, as well as other baled materials
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland
  • Guaranteed safe purchases

Technical parameters:

height  80,8 cm
width 70 cm
forks length 110 cm 
forks spacing 54,5 cm
forks diameter 3,6 cm 
weight 38 kg 
load capacity 500 kg 

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