Enlarged Bucket for Loose Materials for Front Loader

Enlarged Bucket for Loose Materials for Front Loader

We present the enlarged front loader bucket. A tool that significantly enhances loading and material handling tasks.

With increased capacity and depth capability, this bucket is an excellent tool for transporting and manipulating various materials such as soil, sand, gravel, and fertilizers, making it an ideal solution for transporting loose materials. Its versatile application makes it suitable for construction, gardening, and agricultural tasks.

The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure not only durability but also safety during operation. Additionally, the depth capability allows for efficient collection and movement of larger quantities of materials in one cycle, significantly increasing work efficiency.


  • suspended for front loaders using Sanko frame hangers and euroframe
  • increased bucket capacity compared to the standard version
  • ideal for transporting loose materials
  • enables collection and movement of materials from greater depths
  • powder-coated finished
  • designed and manufactured in Poland
  • guarantee of safe purchases

Technical parameters:

width 130 cm 
height 61 cm 
depth 61 cm 
bucket capacity 370 l 
weight 185 kg 

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