Aerator, Lawn Roller


Aerator, Lawn Roller

We present an aerator roller, a key tool for lawn care. Its teeth, placed on a rotating roller, cut and aerate the soil as it moves across the surface. This isn’t merely a cosmetic procedure but a crucial step in lawn maintenance, especially after winter when the soil needs rejuvenation. Post-winter, the soil loses its elasticity and can become compacted, hindering oxygen and nutrient access to grass roots.

Aeration, performed by the aerator roller, helps loosen compacted soil. This, in turn, aids in better water and nutrient absorption by plant roots, improving soil structure. The primary function of the aerator roller is soil aeration. Through its teeth, the device penetrates the soil, creating openings that facilitate improved airflow, water, and nutrient flow to plant roots.

The weight of the aerator is a key element in its effectiveness. By adjusting its weight, we can ensure better soil penetration and more efficient aeration, resulting in a healthier and lusher lawn.


  • category I three-point hitch mounting (TUZ)
  • weight adjustment possibility by filling with water, sand, or other substances
  • powder-coated finish
  • designed and manufactured in Poland
  • guaranteed safe purchases

Technical parameters:

height 54 cm
length 100 cm
width 136 cm
working width 120 cm
roller diameter (with teeth) 50 cm (69 cm)
weight 170 kg

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