Wood Chipper R10


Wood Chipper R10

We present a disc chipper that has been precisely designed for customers seeking efficient and safe equipment for shredding branches, tree trunks up to 10 cm in diameter, and various types of wooden materials, such as sawmill residues. The chips obtained from the chipper can have various applications. They can be used as fuel material in screw conveyors, as compost, or as bedding material for shrubs. The thickness of the obtained chips is adjustable by manipulating the position of the four replaceable blades relative to the counter-blade.

The chipper is powered by the tractor’s Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft.

An important feature of our chipper is the unique design of the discharge chute, allowing for continuous 360-degree rotation.

Additionally, our chipper is equipped with a hitch for towing, allowing for the transportation of branches to perform work in any location.


  • Three-point hitch (Category I and II),
  • Adjustable chip thickness using 4 replaceable blades made of wear-resistant HARDOX 550 steel,
  • Continuous adjustment of the discharge chute to direct the chip stream in any desired direction,
  • Right-hand rotation of the PTO shaft,
  • Additional towing hitch,
  • Powder-coated finish,
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland,
  • Guarantee of safe purchases.

Technical parameters:

dimensions of the chipper with the hopper folded (length/width/height) 86/86/152 cm 
minimum/recommended power 13/45 KM
recommended PTO (Power Take Off) drive speed 540-1000 revolutions per minute
maximum brunch diameter for cutting fresh softwood 120 mm

fresh hardwood 100 mm

dry hardwood 70 mm

chip size 2-5 cm
cutting disc diameter 620 mm
blade thickness 10 mm
angle of the discharge chute rotation 360°
hopper dimensions 49/49 cm 
towing hitch capacity 1000 kg 
weight 200 kg 

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