Box Blade 120


Box blade

We present our box blade leveler. This is a tool designed for precise and fast leveling of unpaved terrain and for moving piles of soil, sand, and other loose materials. The leveler is equipped with rippers that effectively cut through the soil layer during operation, making it easier to distribute it evenly. Terrain leveling is achieved using the rear wall of the specially designed box.

The rippers are positioned on both sides, allowing for both material pulling and pushing. There are three depth adjustment levels available for the rippers, and there is also an option to work without using them.


  • Mounting for CAT I three-point hitches (TUZ)
  • Adjustable position of the rippers in 3 positions
  • Material can be pushed or pulled
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland
  • Guaranteed safe purchases

Technical Parameters:

working width 119 cm
working depth 38-114 mm
weight 120 kg 

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