Bucket with Top Grab

Crocodile Forks for Front Loader

We present the crocodile bucket, a part of our loader attachment range for front-end loaders. The solid bottom ensures the complete collection of various materials and prevents them from falling out during transport.

With its unique shape and construction, our crocodile bucket allows for easy gripping and holding of even the smallest fractions from below across the entire surface. This enables precise manipulation of materials, eliminating losses during their transfer from one location to another.

Additionally, the side plates play a crucial role in securing loose or semi-liquid materials from leaking out. Their robust structure serves as an effective barrier, protecting the transported substances from accidental spillage during transport.

An advantage of this solution is the ability to detach the side plates. With this feature, the user can easily customize the structure for transporting long objects. Removed side plates facilitate the loading and unloading process, ensuring safe transport even of atypical and extremely long items. This flexibility makes our tool highly practical, adapting to various types of loads, providing not only safety but also convenience during material handling.

Furthermore, the grapple is controlled by two actuators, which are adequately shielded from the processed material. This protection not only extends the lifespan of the actuators but also ensures safe operation even during intensive use.


  • suspended for loaders using hooks on the Sanko frame and the Euro frame
  • side plates are detachable for transporting branches, logs, etc., functioning as a 2-in-1 bucket
  • controlled by two actuators, which are concealed and protected from the transported material
  • requires a 3-section control for bucket operation
  • powder-coated finish
  • designed and manufactured in Poland
  • safe purchase guarantee

Technical parameters:

height 57 cm
depth 51 cm
working width 130 cm
weight 165 kg
load capacity 300 kg 

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