Front Linkage 3 Point Hitch TUZ


Front Linkage 3 Point Hitch TUZ

We present a front hitch for a tractor. It is a universal device designed for suspending and attaching agricultural tools. Its three-point suspension system ensures efficient and compatible operation with all Japanese mini tractors. The user-friendly arms of the front hitch, with a spacing of 45 cm, can be easily folded for transport.


  • three-point hitch with universal mounting on the front bumper of the tractor, perfectly suitable for all types of mini tractors, both Japanese and other brands
  • ears on the upper link, playing a crucial role as attachment points
  • the ability to lock the arms when working with devices that require rigid arms
  • two double-acting hydraulic cylinders allow precise control of movement and stable lifting and lowering of agricultural tools
  • category 1 lower arms with quick couplers
  • the arms can be folded for transport
  • additional option of hydraulic outlet ports visible in the photo (additional charge of 400 PLN)
  • made of high-strength materials
  • powder-coated finish
  • designed and manufactured in Poland
  • guaranteed safe purchases

Technical parameters:

min/max spacing between the arms of the front hitch 40,5/64,5 cm
quantity of the hydraulic cylinders 
lift angle 48 °
weight 50 kg

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